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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 16, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> - politic first trip to china speaking out- again& - p > rights all people. - >> -
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latest on the president's cri - is i chol work is this our dr. jennifer as- resu& - psudsudddee mil >- a>> a mother accused of the u- unthinthinkable. sel into >> - chi tpthihis. >> t sea an father. coup int >> - >th> there's all kinds of ways and- >> w are tweeting their way to savin mo capti i maggie rodriguez. >> happy honest.
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>>. >> ev& the release of sarah palin's m - memoir. and it's been reviewed in all kin i'm "wall street journal" this morning. and she comes hardest really on the mccain campaign. really >- >> a> and they are fighting back. >> right. >> sch call origi - created as apantidepressant but no studies show that it does work to - des- dr.- it. >> mpmororning is on president obama and - he - he pr was condu that is generating some inte cb cor sha good morning, bill. >> rep
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you y-- pres for bein pre toda called the freedom of expression and relidge gone universal ri- - > they should be available to al religious minority whether they are or >> - bro natio mos stu rig- gov but u.- pecked at random from the inter should we be able to use twitter fre- twi he gr- >> npnononsesnsorship and i have a lot of wh-- abou
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i or - >> r-- twit fpfirir thi exc q&a, has whi the president whether bring up human rights when he meets with chin but there's in denying that oth iran more >> so what is this about he says he- out of that. we' bla but it gave him an open to go ta freedom and it's 3re9 clear that when chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.--
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a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ashton is here with go y- this at length this morning b- becauecause so many people do take this this journ 200& for 14 months. som- others were taking an over the counter vitamin. wh >> had cardiovascular risk factors or t attack - they were already on a stat & - pconcont bu alw just one medication is not effe - whi& cholesterol from the food that we
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a th- foun- actu - redu the thei and- >> no re >- - nnoo change on the zetia, which is much >> so basically a less expensive over the counter drug in it case& >> and the controversy continues here.& - pin in tthh have pas mi and d- dollaollarsrs worth of the market share dru apandnd t thehe point is that they some - this the& - pin in tt ins h qu thi- >> so they didn't look at - whe they thi - wri& - p > >>- beca
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und- - oone ne of their drugs, which happe - wha taki >> sho tak with car- aga and for red way ha how te is so this >> w - somet >> we& & pon one is a direct quote, "nothing from& - pestesa lowerin p- primary zed us die- dt iet are effective some reducing ldl- ver
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sci to treat this - cont >> dr rig& & pmit mitchell at the news desk.& & p good morning. the con sa apattttacack. anw that war, has allo& he says quote, i would say it is amer& - pbrobro cup - third quarter earnings report thorn emer- it- th- pay gover - th q- quartuarterly payments of $1 billion-- woul
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b- beforefore. - t signs em michel yor lat >> reporter: good morning. - oct an the housing market. so when the commerce department relea - figu economists are hoping it will deliver a much needed boost to the stock market. the numbers tell the story. in retail buyers are going back to the sore, purchases which were down 1.5% in september rose almost full percent a month later. the housing market is also showing signs of a rebound. the national association of realtors says home sales took off in the second quarter, up more than 11%, although home prices are still declining. despite the good new, some economists are not confident the worst is over. retail sales, housing starts up that's good. but unemployment still an issue. the sxli has to grow at better
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than #% a year to bring unemployment down and we don't have that. >> reporter: also driving those home sales, an $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. that was supposed to expire later this month, but it's been extended through april 30th. russ? >> michelle miller at the new york stock exchange. thank you. and at the rio grande zoo, a baby shour for one big baby. it was held for daisy the elephant two months after she was born. and of course she was showered with fwifts. guests got to see home videos of the elephant and have some pink cake and cupcakes. baby elephant. >> what do you give a baby elephant? >> exactly. last time i gave a baby elephant a gift i got in trouble. so i don't know anymore. >> very good. well, we want you for stay because you're filling in for dave again. >> i am. >> boldly going where you have gone before. because he is boldly going where he hasn't and a lot of people haven't, he's training all week to take a flight to the edge of the earth. almost in space.
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it's a seven hour flight on a u2 plane and we will check in with dave later this week. dwl this is serious training he has to go through in order to be put into one of these flight suits and everything. it's really big time stuff. and he's going to be way, way up there. >> but he is coming back, right? >> it was our efforts to send him as far away as possible. >> i hope he's coming back because he's so good at the weather and i'm not so good at it, but i'l
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it is 7:11 and that's your latest weather. mr. smith? >> we were just hearing from the authorities that you've done so well with the weather, we may let you go next to the map next time. >> is that right? oh my goodness. what i can say. >> from the front office. coming up next sarah palin "going rogue" to promote her new book. we'll take a look at why the mccain camp is up in arms. also ahead, a mother accused of selling her child into child prostitution. we'll have the latest on the desperate search for the young girl and we'll talk with the girl's father. and the little blue pill for ladies? how an antidepressant could prove to be the new viagra for
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sarah palin's new book is already a best seller but it doesn't officially hit the bookstores until tomorrow. some of what she's written has already been leaked and that is stirring up a lot of controversy. cbs news correspondent randall pink stop has the latest. randall, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. though sarah palin talks about her role in gofring alaska in her book it's her elevation to the national sustaining as john mccain's running mate and her clashes with campaign staffers that will likely make this a real page turner. among the moments sarah palin writes about, friction with senior mccain strategist steve schmidt. >> she is uncomfortable with his language at one point. he seems to be cussing in front of her children. >> reporter: "wall street
7:17 am
journal" reporter peter wallsten reviewed palin's "going rogue." >> her image was battered after that campaign. >> she's going to have broad appeal across the country. >> reporter: during the campaign, schmidt championed palin on "the early show," but in a phone interview on sunday, schmidt called palin's book fiction saying it's not true. >> certainly some of the staff that was assigned to her did not do her a great service. >> reporter: but ed goeas who was program director at last year's gop convention says palin erect election of events are accurate. >> a unique kind of style that connected with people out there, and i think that was contrary to necessarily where they were trying to take her as a candidate. >> reporter: soon of a her her book hits the shelves, palin will hit the road on a tour some say is an effort to re-establish herself ahead of the 2012 election. >> she's taking a tour of small towns in mid-sized cities where
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her base lives and the point right now is just to sell as many pooks books as possible. >> reporter: palin's book tour begins this week in michigan. a state that the mccain campaign pulled out of against palin's wishes about. that makes it a perfect place strategy igss agree to prove that sarah palin is ready for a future campaign. >> we'll find out. all right. randall pinkston thank you so much. joining us now is cbs news chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation" bb sheafer. good morning. it really is amazing how much attention has been paid to this book and it hasn't enhit the stores yet in large part. what do you make of all of the criticism in this book especially focused on the mccain campaign? >> well, this is sarah palin's turn to get even as it were. she came under this intense criticism all during the campaign and now she's giving her version of why she didn't succeed as a candidate. i mean, i don't think it's going to work.
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it's kind of like a baseball player going into a slump and blaming the manager or blaming the bat boy or blaming the fans or something. you know it makes for provocative reading. i think she'll sell a lot of books. but i don't think it's going to help re-establish her as a political candidate. my guess is she's not ever going to run for anything and i think if she did, i don't think she would get very far. >> really? >> no. i mean what's she going to say? let's not overlook the fact that she had to leave the governor's office in alaska because that was too much for her. you can imagine her going through a primary with an opponent? what would she say? when the going to gets tough, i'm ready to quit? that is not how one builds a political base. i think she's going to sell a lot of books. i think she'll be a great attraction out as an amusement. she's interesting, she's a
7:20 am
celebrity. but i can't imagine that she has much future in pot ticks. i really don't. >> it's so interesting because, for instance in this house race up in the 23rd district one of the most important endorsements for that rogue candidate up there was from sarah palin. she's very popular among the tea party set. do you not think this is part of a growing base of folks from which we'll as kreptd into more power in the republican party? >> the republican party is very split right now as you know and you have that segment, most let pipe on the right, but you also have candidates like mike huckabee who ran the last time out who generally made a good imprerks someone who won the iowa caucuses. she will not be the only person who comes at it from the right if she should decide to run. but i think the purpose here for sarah palin right now is to sell some books and to try to sell
7:21 am
her side of the story. one of the problems you have, though, when you start taking on campaign aides, people don't mow who these people are, you know. and so she's fighting against people that most people don't know who they are. it will sell book but i don't see it going beyond that. >> bob schieffer, thanks for getting up early for us. we appreciate it. up next a heart stopping moment at an outdoor safari as a lion opens a car door. we'll tell you what happens when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by walmart. christmas costs less at walmart. save money, live better. walmart. this season you can make your home look like a picture in a magazine with the limited edition better homes and gardens holiday collection now at walmart. get unbeatable prices on the entire line of better homes and gardens furnishings, like a festive 12-piece dinnerware set for only $25.
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so had south africa there's a place called lions a far are a park.
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they tell you lock your doors and roll up your windows. apt parently a cup he and their child forgot to do that because take a look at this photograph, a 300 pound lion comings up,es up grabs the handle and opens the door. the couple is stunneded. they have their 2-year-old daughter in the car. they don't move. finally he hits the gas and the lion starts following and it's captured just in time. you know what the mark said as a consolation some we feed them very well. he probably wouldn't have eaten you. >> let's scratch that plaes off the bucket list. >> now you though. we'll be right back. hello again. a delightful day's start. we'll have traffic after the weather. ease forecast. temperatures in the low 50s. let's take a look.
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temperatures right around 62 generally sunny skies this day. and over to traffic control. good morning. good morning everyone. we have that accident working closing washington boulevard that. one is going to be in the area, watch for that one between park avenue and wind road. ridge avenue is the best alternate another one in west minister, that one on stone road. watch for down toll. 175. that's blocking a lane at burning cd road and 2nd street. 70 eastbound, sluggish. six minutes at 32 miles per hour. 95 southbound slow. white marsh boulevard approaching 895, 11 minutes at 32 miles per hour. and the topside, outer loop delay, 40 miles per hour is the average with a four-minute drive time. 95 at 195, looking good there. but the west side a i 12 minute ride at 34 miles per hour
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between 795 and edson avenue. now at giant, thousands of real deal savings on sale for multiple weeks and hundreds of weekly specials. every time you shop with your card at giant. >> thank you very much. in news, a debate set for later today over a controversial city nightclub. >> good morning. it's a sweet ultra lounge, it's found to be a public nuisance, it could be padlocked for up to a year. in the past year, police say they have linked at least three crimes to the club. if deemed to be a public nuisance, the commissioner can close it for up to a year until he's confident hah the problems are fixed. >> thank you very much. week two of the mayor's trial begins today. prosecution started calling witness last week. and more expected this week. her boy friend will likely take
7:28 am
the stand after entering into a plea agreement. the mayor is accused of using gift cards prosecutors say were meant for the needy. the mayor order city flags to fly at half staff after a local man was killed in afghanistan. the 34-year-old died friday after the vehicle he was in die hit a road side bomb. he coached coached boy's lacrosse. the ravens kick off the second half of the season tonight with a record-4-4. our live special coverage begins tonight at 8:00. and stay with the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways because the world
7:29 am
could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves.
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another beautiful monday morning here in new york. welcome to all our guests outside and welcome back to "the
7:31 am
early show" to all of you at home. come up men have the little blue bill and now apparently so might women. we'll tell you this morning with an anti-depress answer that is being called the pea mail version of viagra. also ahead this morning, social networking sites are not just for friends. we'll show you how many people are turning them into big time saving locations. saving centers. saving centers about. >> cyber coupon -- >> crazy, that's right. we'll tell you all about that. but first new developments to report in the desperate search for a missing 5-year-old girl shaniya davis. her mother has been arrested and charged with child prostitution. and yesterday police agenting on a tip expanded their search. cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is in atlanta to bring us up-to-date. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is just a wrenching story of innocence meets evil about. a little north carolina girl who went missing a week ago tomorrow and was allegedly sold as a sex
7:32 am
shave by her own mother. later this morning, the search resumes for shaniya davis, a 5-year-old girl police and volunteers can only hope is still alive. >> i have five kids and to me no child deserves something like this. >> reporter: shaniya was last seen last tuesday morning, a surveillance camera spotted a man carrying her into a hotel. police say it was mario mcneill, now charged with the girl's kidnapping. more shocking, the arrest-antoinette davis the girl's mother. she allegedly sold shaniya into child prostitution. >> she's been charged with filing false police report resisting, obstruct, human trafficking, and felony child abuse prostitution. >> reporter: the girl's estranged father is pleading for shaniya's return. >> i miss you so much honey, and i'm waiting for you. i'm not going to give up and you don't give up either honey. >> reporter: shaniya's father and his sister mostly raised the
7:33 am
little gerl and then just last month, he gave her to shaniya's mother because the mother had a job and finally seemed more stable. and now police have to hope that just was not a fatal mistake. maggie? >> cbs's mark strassmann in atlanta. thank, mark. joining us exclusively from fayetteville is shaniya's father, bradley lockhart and his sister kerry lockhart davis. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> bradley, head me begin with you. what are list telling you this morning about the latest in the search for your daughter? >> they're keeping me informed. however, they're not providing a lot of information. i do understand it's in the best interests of the case in finding my daughter and bringing her home safely. >> are you feeling hopeful this morning? >> i've been feeling hopeful every day that someone out there would do the right thing and take my daughter somewhere to a hospital police station just
7:34 am
anywhere safe, drop her off at walmart, anywhere, i don't care. just so somebody can find her and bringler back to the people that love her. >> before she recently went to live with her mom the two of you had been raising sanaa a oig for most of her life. tell me about her, bradley. >> she's a precious little angel. she's full of joy. a little reserved but when she first meets you, but once she gets to know you she just runs around plays, won't leave you alone just a happy little anxious gel. do you know mario mckneel the man later arrested? >> no, i don't. >> when you heard about that, when you heard that a man had been seen with her in a hotel room and then you heard that her mom had been charged with child prostitution, what goes new your mind? you can wrap your head around that possibility? >> just everything inside of you falls out. you just lose all train of
7:35 am
thought. reaction is none. you just -- you just hope for the best. >> did you have any hesitation at all about sending her to live with her mom, antoinette? >> of course i had some reserves. however, you know, she had been trying and i know that she had been working for at least six months and she had been trying to get her life back on track and she said she had just recently got her own place. so i was wanting to give her a chance. she had asked if she could be a mother and i felt that she was sincere some asking. and i figured to give her a chance. >> up until now carrie you have been more the mother figure so let me give you the last word and just your message this morning for whoever has shaniya. >> i just want you to bring her back. she's an amazing, breath taking
7:36 am
individual individual. she has a calendar at school and when you're good, your daily calendar you get always little blue mark on it and every day she came home about a blue mark. and she would walk in the door and she'd say, aupt carrie i got uhe blue mark, i got another blue marg. and then she'd get her treat and we'd go out back and we'd play and she was smart. and just so happy and full of joy. and i just ask that at this time please just let her go. she doesn't deserve this. have a kind heart. >> our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
7:37 am
thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> you're welcome. just a horror story. let's just hope that little girl is still okay. we want to turn it over to you for a look at the weather. gray skies and pers of rain will greet you across the lower midwest. acac good morning. temperatures in the low 50s. going for a high of 62. generally sunny skies. clear sky tonight. about 11 degrees colder. tomorrow, 59. sunshine in the area. couple of fair weather clouds. the next five days, one gray. no rain on any way. wednesday, 58 the high. thursday and friday looking good for the weekend.
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partly sunny, mostly cloudy on that's your latest weather. harry? >> coming up next coupon clippers are all a twitter over the latest ways to save money online. we'll tell you when we come back. bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? now more than ever it pays to discover. i was active eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me
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some these tough economic time, more and more people are using their computers to save money at the grocery store. joining us now is cbs news correspondent kelly wallace with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, gone are the days of solely clipping coupons from the sunday papers to save as social neither working satisfies soared in popularity many moms are learning how to save serious cash using coupons online in a virtual community of bargain hunters. ♪ how much are you using social networking to save? >> every day. >> reporter: cyber savvy social networking moms using tools their grandmothers never had and showing a great deal is just a
7:42 am
click away. >> whether it's clothing, food restaurant deals, there's all kinds of ways you can save and it's immediate, it's real time. >> reporter: how do you find that information? it's become a shared experience. sarah walton a mother of two and founder of a website for moms says she checks twitter daily to learn about deals and tweet bargains she's found to all her friends. >> we don't have coffee together in the mornings. we're not out in the neighborhoods while the kids are running around. >> reporter: on savings daumt which reports 2 million customers every month so-called deal pros like tiffany offer tips a and tricks on how to save for free. >> sometimes it feels good to be a little frugal. >> reporter: use of online coupons jumped an astounding 17 #% between this year and last. measure she will pace a single mother of two, who also runs her own website says online coupons aren't just for baby food and
7:43 am
diapers. >> dell sold millions of dollars of computers using twitter and social media. so it's for all types of productses. >> reporter: and experts say social networking is guaranteed to save at least 15% to 20% on your shopping bill and around 30% when you've really got your game on. now, listen, we should say you can still save the old fashioned way, clipping coupon but the social networking seems to offer you more opportunities to save because you can find coupons for everything and because you can do it right away. >> okay okay how do i get started? >> twitter is really the first thing. if you're not on it maybe check it out. and if you go to the search engine and you type in the hash mark or number sign save, you'll find a host of deals and also people to follow who really mow where the best deals are. >> like those people who you profiled. >> are the a ton of coupon sites out there, so just click in coupons. a site like retail me, looking for a coupon for like
7:44 am
baby gap you type that in and you'll find coupons for that retailer. and finally, combine your coupon with with the in tore sale to get the best deal. >> way to go. get the most bang for your buck. thank you vel very much. up next, how an antidepressant could actually be the new viagra for women. when we come back. mom. the holidays are always so busy. gram, the video game thingy's stuck again. remember you have to jiggle it. ( doorbell rings ) we never get the time to tell people stuff. ♪ say what you need to say ♪ ♪ say what you need to say ♪ ( holding last note ) we couldn't have made it through this last year without you, mom. this year, appreciation may be the best gift of all. a hallmark card. it's the biggest little thing you can do. ♪
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♪ what do i care? ♪ in all the hottest styles and newest colors. ♪ i've got my love to keep me warm ♪ the perfect sweater under $15 won't last long, so hurry in. more values, more christmas. that's life well spent. sears. welcome back. on this morning's "health watch," viagra for women. more than one in ten are suffering from a condition called hypo active sexual desire did go l. disorder but a promising new drug could help change all that. and here with the details is dr. ashton. good morning again. so what exactly did the study find about this drug? >> this is a known and it i depress ability, but it didn't work so well as an anti-depress answer for treating depression so like so many other thing, it
7:48 am
was found to have a secondary use before the study looked at just over 1900 pre-menopausal women, so these are women under the age of around 50 with lowly bedo female sexual dysfunction which can affect as many as one in four women and found that those given a rely definitely high dose of this drug about 100 milligrams a day, had a real increase in their sexual desire and their sexual satisfaction. it's not exactly a female viagra but the closest thing that women might have to it. >> how far away is it from being available? >> right now it's only in investigational trials and the stud diddy was sponsored by the maker of the drug. but it's being investigationally studied. we also have to mention that viagra is so effective for men because what usually causes sexual dysfunction in men is usually what we say a plumbing problem, it's a blood flow issue. and viagra works great if that. women are a little more complicated. usually it's a partially a brain
7:49 am
issue, there can be a lot of things that cause low sexual desire in women. this is just one of them. >> are there any draw backs that have been found in. >> side effects, right? so typically antidepressantses can cause weight fwap they can also disturb your sleep. so it's important not to just jump into any consideration of this, but, again it will be looked at. >> are therefully other treatments in the mean time for women? >> the things that are typically used viagra has been used off label in treating women with sexual function as have other antidepressantses. also hormonal therapies, and even some natural or herbal remedies. they all can have side effects, so women really want to discuss that with their doctor. >> all right, thank you. use. coming up here from eggs to cereal, we'll show you how to get the most bang for your breakfast buck. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cvs "health watch" sponsored by cvs pharmacy, for all the ways you care.
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coming up in our next hour we want you to meet this nice young couple they'll have a fishing business they'll start it in hawaii they take their boat, they head to hawaiithat would i i and hit 40-foot seas. what happens next? we'll tell you. it all ends well. they're there. >> is this one piece. >> when we come pack.kocome back. >> the boat's another story, though. of all the things made for women... maybe one of the most important... is new centrum silver ultra women's. a complete multivitamin for women over 50. it has vitamin d which emerging science suggests... supports breast health... and more calcium for bone health. new centrum silver ultra women's. i'm gunna do another one of my sleep studies. advil pm or tylenol pm?
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7:55 am
some lingering accidents. an update from sharon. let's take a look at the outlook for today. it's an easy one. temperatures right now in the low 50s, going tore a high
7:56 am
with sunshine in the low 60s, about six degrees above normal. now over to sharon for wbz traffic. >> reporter: two new accidents on 83, one of them on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound lanes, that one just past bellfast. we've had an accident all morning still blocking all lanes of washington boulevard between park avenue and winens road. take ridge avenue instead. one more accident in the city of bel aire at longview. a downed pole still blocking all lanes of 175 between burns crossing road and at second street. take burns crossing road as your alternate. 70 eastbound still sluggish. i-95 southbound 14 minutes now between white marsh boulevard. there's a look at drive times and your speeds.
7:57 am
the slowest spot right now the top side now between 91 and 83. there's a live look at 95 in and out of the tunnel looking good. this traffic report brought to you by subway. eat fresh. a mount vernon nightclub has been the subject of controversy for more than a year and as andrea reports this morning, it could be shut down later today. >> reporter: don, it's the sweet ultra lounge is determined to be a public nuisance it could be closed for up to a year. in the past couple of years, police say they have linked three violent crimes to this club that's in the basement of the -- basement of the belvedere hotel. an arbitrator is set to hear arguments of both sides. the commissioner can padlock it for up to a year until he's confident problems are fixed. the club's lawyer has not responded to previous requests for a comment. a suspect in a motive in a weekend shooting in southwest baltimore. it happened saturday on lemon street. 45-year-old anthony swan died from his injuries. his mother was wounded.
7:58 am
she was bringing him groceries because he uses a wheelchair. u.s. veterans will receive a special salute today. a ceremony to celebrate the airport's uso lounge which has been open to american servicemen and women for 10 years now. stay with wjz. up next, an amazing tale of survival and rescue on the high seas. tips
7:59 am
8:00 am
for a short time dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. drama on the high seas as a couple is plucked from the ocean. >> taped up their paws really good. >> we'll meet the lucky couple and hear about the good samaritans who came to their
8:01 am
rescue. is your morning meal getting too expensive? we'll show you how to get more bang for your breakfast buck. and she's a long way from washington, but laura bush isn't looking back. >> there's great relief, believe me, when you leave the white house after serving there for eight years. >> we'll tell what you she and her husband have planned as their second act early this monday morning november 16th, 2009. good morning. i'm russ mitchell. great crowd here on the plaza on a beautiful, beautiful mid november morning. >> yes, harry's fan club, these aheadses. iowaians who came all the way over here to support their fellow -- well, you went to central college, which is in iowa, like you you didn't mow that. >> with he will comeelcome back to
8:02 am
"the early show." this morning i have my exclusive interview with laura bush. i can tell that you they're awake, they wake up around 5:00. george goes to get the coffee brings it up to bed. they read the news papers. and sometimes he even makes dinner. he likes to make scramble eggs for sunday supper. so maybe they're having some leftovers this morning. >> pretty creative. >> wet ibet you didn't know that. and also she's pretty candid about criticism from the obama administration. also this morning, apparently some women tell little white lies that drives marketers crazy. we'll talk to an author who will explain the acronym games, game ps. what that means which are the five reasons women lie to themselves. >> i'm a size two. >> that's a start. >> i'm really not. but first, here's russ at the news desk. >> and that is no lie. good morning. a new study raises concerns about effectiveness of a
8:03 am
cholesterol lowering drug taken by millions of americans. the study of about 360 people found the drug zetia failed to sling plaque buildup in artery walls. a rival drug niaspan, was much more effective before users also suffered more heart attacks than those taking niaspan 37 merck which mafrs zetia said it stands behind the safety of its product. the study ways sponsored by abbott lab which is manufactures niaspan. president obama is in china this morning. he arrive this had beijing and then met with hu jintao. trade and economic issues and sxurt are expected to top the agenda. they're scheduled to meet again tomorrow. earlier at a town hall meeting in shanghai president obama's message was human rights. he called for freedom of worship and individual freedoms. >> access to information and political participation, we believe are universal rights. they should be available to all people including ethnic and religious minorities. whether they are in the united states china, or any nation.
8:04 am
>> the president was asked about internet use and said he was a big assumer of nonsensorship. for the first time since emerging from bankruptcy general motors reports its earning. they lost $1.# billion in the hird quarter but says business is improving. you're looking at a live picture of fritz henderson. gm says it will begin paying back $6.7 billion in government loans had it year and $1 billion payments each quarter would pay off the loans by 2011 that would be four years early. and edward woodward, the star of the series the equal hizer died this morning. he won a golden globe award if his role in the popular series. also the star of a 1973 consult film classic the wicker man. he was ill for several months. edward woodward was 79 years old. right now katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news sfloop emergency building your own 747 one piece at a team p.
8:05 am
we'll introduce to you a man who is doing just that in "assignment:america" tonight only on the cbs evening news owing. now back to "the early show." dave price is out on assignment, so i'll have a check of the weather. much of the east coast will enjoy a sun any day after last week's fierce nor cease ter. it will also be beautiful across much of the south. it will be gray and rainy across the lower midwest. parts of the central pla good morning. let's take a look at the forecast for today. we're talking about the low 60s as a high. the normal is 56. another pleasant afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday, but still for the 16th day of november, we're nice. yesterday we were in the low 70s. that was just spectacular. mainly clear tonight, we'll call it 38. tomorrow sunny with patchy clouds and 39. no rain out of the next five. by the weekend, we'll stay partly sunny. temperatures in the
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by maybelline new york. maybe she is born with it. maybe it' maybelline. it is now 8:05. now here's maggie. we turn now to some drama on the high seas. a couple from washington state and their two dogs were forced to abandon ship, but luckily they were rescued in style. for christopher miller and brandy meissner this was not the adventure they planned. abandoning their 38-foot fishing boat in the mifgd the ocean. the couple set out from san francisco on a two week trip to hawaii. then came the bad weather. high winds and 40-foot waves battered their boat which was running out of fuel 400 miles from honolulu. miller and meissner deployed their life raft put on their survival suits and sent out a distress signal. they prepared their two dogs to abandon ship. but finally their call was
8:07 am
answered. the golden princess had been 12 hours away but the cruise ship changed its course and with the help of the coast guard found the couple and their dogs carrying all four safely to solid ground. and joining us from honolulu this morning, christopher and brandy. it's maggie and harry in new york. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> this sounds unbelievably scary. christopher, how bad did it get out there? >> average waves were 25 feet and up to 40 feet with different convergences of wind and waves and current and all that. so pretty bad for a 38-foot boat. >> that's bigger than the boat that's for sure. did you not anticipate this? >> yes, of course it could happen. leaving san francisco, we could only see about a week's worth of forecasts. and depending upon that you you
8:08 am
know knowing it would be a two week trip. so there's chances involved. >> you sent out this distress signal. brandy, did you think it was a long shot did you have that moment that people talk about where your whole life flashes in front of you and you think this could be the end? >> well, you know i've seen them in action before. i knew that the signal would go out, i knew somebody would come out. i just didn't know how long it would take or what it would consist of the help they could provide. we were pretty far offshore. >> so the cruise ship comes, picks you up. you're safe and sound, but the boat is still out there somewhere, right? >> that's right, yes. >> and how are you going to get connected to the boat again? >> because this is your livelihood. >> that's right. well we're looking at options
8:09 am
to facilitate that at this point, but it's still drifting and i can monitor it for a couple days with the battery power sending out a tracking signal. >> so as long as there's power on on the boat then you can still figure out where it but once the fuel is gone that thing is just adrift and maybe gone poefr. >> that's right. we hope not. >> well, i'm graduate that you're both okay. i hope that they treated you like royalty, you and your two dogs organization that cruise ship that rescued you. >> yes yes, thank you very much to captain david callabreeze and the coast guard. it was good action. >> all right, christopher and brandy, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up next lowering the high cost of breakfast. we'll show you how to save money the next time you head to the grocery store. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. sper) olold news 100% poreless perfection has arrived! dream liquid mousse foundation
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8:13 am
ed for costs are up making it more expensive than ever to serve your family a healthy breakfast. here with advice on how to save money on the most important meal of the day is our financial contribute tore vera again ons. how many times have we heard that where he fast is the most important meal of the day. >> and it's getting more expensive. >> cereal just keeps going up and up. there's barely any grain in these things. >> food prices are off their peak, but we're still paying 45% more for our food than a couple years ago. and if you look at breakfast commodities in particular these commodities, the prouktsduction tends to be in developing countries prone to shortages. >> like coffee and different things like that? >> so demand is strong and there are shortages. supply and demand. >> so there you go. as the world's population grows,
8:14 am
people are eating more. >> this is the expensive breakfast of $2.50. now, what makes it expensive is you've got the name brand cereal, which is about $4 to $6 a box and of course the boxes are getting smaller and smaller. you've got the designer orange juice or production issues in florida, in brazil putting pressure on prices. >> less orange juice coming on this season. >> a crop issue. and then coffee store bought coffee prices are up about 0 30% because of production issues. but a markup of 250%. you can make that at home for 55 cents. so for cereal one way to save obviously is to just go generic. it tastes almost the same. it's about half the price. you can go with the hot cereal too. that's an easy way to save as well. >> this is what i eat. >> good for you and it's less expensive. about 11 cents a serving versus
8:15 am
41 cents for the sugary cereals. and you can buy in bulk. >> and this is a lot less expensive? >> plastic is less expensive than the name brand ones in the fancy packaging. you pay for the marketing, too. >> you can save on this sort of stuff? >> some of the specialty retailers do have web only sales available. tea in particular, prices are up about 70% because of issues again -- production issues in kenya, india. so that's putting pressure on prices. that's one area where you really want to go generic. >> who knew? >> at the commodity level. >> because i know you went online last night. >> yes i did. eggs, $1.50 a dozen, much higher in new york, of course. >> and if you go organic or something like that -- i paid
8:16 am
serious dough on saturday. >> in many cases you can get a dozen for under a dollar. if you see that, buy in bulk. >> and eggs actually stay -- >> four to five weeks, four to six weeks in your refrigerator. orange juice i mentioned the production issues. you're looking at about $6 for a gallon. if you're buying two gallons a month, that's $144 a year. slash costs in half by going frozen. >> help me save money on sugar. >> with any sending gel ingredients, sugar salt, flour, you don't want to byuy generic. name brand very rarely part of an in-store promotion. >> so i've f. i've done all of the stuff, how much do i save? >> $1.33 less per breakfast.
8:17 am
gr so you can cut your cost in half. >> you'll save about $500 a year if you incorporate all of our tips and you just make a few very simple changes. money in the bang. for more go to our website, that's early up next, are parents becoming obsolete in sn? we'll tell you you about a new e phone application that reads books for your kids. when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we're cutting the cost of yuletide. ♪ ♪ taking the bah-humbug out of your budget. and amping up the merry in your christmas. ♪ ♪ we're lowering prices on everything you need to make your home -- and the season -- more festive. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ [ male announcer ] adding more jingle to your pockets and
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more happy... to your holidays. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. my muscles feel like they've been pounded... my muscles just ache... ... all over my body... just doesn't go away. it's so baffling. (announcer) does this sound like the pain you've been experiencing? this is fibromyalgia. chronic, widespread pain and tenderness that affects millions. sometimes i need a hug... ...but i know it's gonna hurt... (announcer) there is hope. understanding your pain... the first step to treating it. talk to your doctor and visit for answers and support.
8:19 am
welcome back. a new software application, an app for your iphone or blackberry, has some importants very concerned.
8:20 am
our sigh enand technology correspondent daniel sieberg is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, the apple iphone now has more than 100,000 apps available for download from restaurant recommendations to goofy games. but if you're looking for something a bit more educational, you might want to check out i-story time. you can show me how it works? it may be hard to believe, but reading to your children, yes, there's an app for that. >> there are driveways to try- >> reporter: a knew iphone application reads children's books aloud. >> and nobody can do it -- >> reporter: but you. it's so easy a 3-year-old can do it. how do you go it the next 35i7b8g? >> like this. >> reporter: it was co-created by woody sears for those times when his son needed a distraction. >> it's really just a supplement for those teams when you can't have that wood thissor happened. >> just being able to calm him down in moments of crisis. >> reporter: like running
8:21 am
errands at the store. but critics worry technology may have gone too far. >> if this were to ever become a replacement for reading a book to a child before bed, then i think that parent has some serious problems about. they're not connecting with their child. that's very special time, could never ever be replaced by an i phone. >> reporter: it's a problem the creators recognize. >> if you were using it as a baby-sitter, we wouldn't advise that. >> reporter: but sometimes even these parents don't follow their own advice. >> it's kind of embarrassing but in the mornings he comes in our room and i will pull out i-story time and i will have him read it because i absolutely cannot read a book at 5:45 in the morning. >> it gives us a great amount of convenience and sometimes it even gives us some space so we can rest. >> reporter: and for the sears family this new technology encourages something very old fashioned. jackson has grown to love reading all types of books. daniel sieberg, cbs news, los angeles. i did spend the day with
8:22 am
jackson, he's 3 years old and you can't fake this sort of thing. is he obviously mesmerized by the story books. >> here's my thing, i think that's really smart because when kids are little like that, instead of sitting them in front of a video, why not at least have them looking at a book for crying out loud. >> and it gets them interested in reading and they use it as a reward. so he's being potty trained right now. so if he's good gets a little time with his digital book. >> but when they throw that in the bed with help at night, here, have a story -- >> toss him the iphone. i think it's about the motivation. >> everything in extremes is bad. so did you get the bug no the kid they think after spending the day with jackson? >> i kind of it. my wife and i don't have any kids yet, but i think i would consider this an alternative but i loved as a kid being read to. it was kind of a bonding thing. >> there really is an app for that, isn't there? there isn't anything -- anything
8:23 am
you want. >> if you can think of it there probably is an app. but if there isn't yet there should will be. >> and it vael so entrepreneurial because it's all these people -- >> and this couple started it and you can submit your own books, if you want to become sort of a published author in a sense, you can get also get in kra ons and paper if you want to do it the low tech way. >> thank, daniel. still to come, my interview with former first lady laura bush. we talk about life after washington and the harsh criticism that her husband has received since leaving office. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. your local news is next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
a ples -- pleasant day. sharon will have a traffic update after marty's weather. >> we're already in the mid-50s right now. let's take a look at the forecast today. it's going to be a mild morning
8:26 am
and pleasant afternoon with a high temperature, let's, see, six above normal at 62 degrees. now over to sharon. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. busy morning on area roadways. we now have an accident on the beltway. this is the latest one on the inner loop at hartford on the shoulder. a crash on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound lanes past belfast with a 10-minute delay behind that one. an accident in halifax blocking washington boulevard. another one on 32 eastbound at 95. crash on 702 at beck river neck road. bel aire at longview, all the typical delays. there is he a look at the west side at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. back to you. >> thank you very much. in the news this morning, the date is set for later this morning over a controversial mount vernon bottle club.
8:27 am
andrea has the latest. >> reporter: don, if the sweet ultra lounge is determined to be a public nuisance, it could be closed for up to a year. in the past couple of years, police say they've linked at least three violent crimes to this club that's in the basement of the belvedere hotel. later this morning an an independent arbitrator is expected to hear both sides. the club's lawyer has not responded to previous requests for a comment. back to you. thank you. we'll soon get a closer look inside the mind of john alan momd. the 48 -- muhammad. the fralgt-year-old -- 48-year-old was executed last week. mumd was accused of killing dean meyers at a gas station during the 2002 shooting spree that left 10 people dead. baltimore county teenagers may soon be banned from indoor tanning the county council will
8:28 am
hear this tonight. this comes after a week after howard county became the first dwigs in the country to pass -- subdivision in the country to pass a similar ban. the baltimore sun is reporting the mta's revenues have declined this year while its construction costs have shot up. that could make for a substantial increase in tolls at some toll facilities in this state. and stay with wjz13. up next, former first lady laura bush talks about life after the white house from dallas, texas. easy at-home remedies to make your skin glow. that's up next on "the early
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
nice group out here. >> really nice. including women with matching coats. >> fancy, fancy. very nice. where are you from? >> hillsborough texas. >> houston. >> i went to text as a kuptexas a couple weeks ago to talk to laura bush. we have that interview coming up. she's very candid and she talks about criticism that president obama still faces even when he's out of office. that was at the dallas performing arts center a beautiful place. also coming up we'll explain why some women lie. >> they do? >> what? >> you hear this collective what? >> you aifweigh 100 pounds. >> exactly. >> press >> present company excluded. >> an author explains why when
8:32 am
it comes to products and what women want, why women tend not it tell the truth. >> is it a bad thing? >> if you're a marketer and you're trying to figure out -- >> oh, to them it is. >> people tend to say one they think an then act in a completely different way. >> all right. also ahead, if you're searching for the best way to make your face look great, we'll show you a couple of different ways to get perfect skin one of them includes this laser that's all the rage that harry tried on his hand. we should have told you that they're supposed to put a numbing thing on it. i hear him going on. www. >> but your hand looks beautiful. it really does. >> first of all, young russ is here with a -- we should explain that dave is getting forward this spectacular address venture. we've sent him a lot of place, but later on he'll go literally to the very top of the atmosphere. almost into space. and so he's training right now to get ready for this crazy u2
8:33 am
flight. >> he goes everywhere. >> and now to the edge of the earth. >> that is correct. so one more time, let take a look at the weather for this monday. gray skies and periods of rain will greet you across the lower good morning. let's take a look at the forecast for the day. the words are right here. it's going to be generally sunny and mile. the -- mild. the normal is 56. we're going for a high of 62 degrees. pretty darned nice. not as warm as yesterday, but for mid november? wow!
8:34 am
11 degrees chillier overnight than in the past. tomorrow, sunny, patchy clouds, 59 will be the high. the next five days, the gray day is thursday, the rainy day none. by the weekend, partly sunny, temperatures in the it's nice out here. you never let me out at 8:30 so i'm experiencing a whole new thing. >> people love you. >> nice people. these are my cousins from houston, we didn't tell you that. that's your late he is weather. now here's maggie. well nearly a year after leaving washington, former president george w. bush and his wife laura are still adjust to go life after the white house, but they're adjusting really well. i recently sat down with the former first lady to talk about their new life. now that you're back home in texas, does it feel like a million miles away from washington? >> it really does. not that i femt like i had the weight of the world on my shoulders or that george did,
8:35 am
but when it was gop, could i notice it. and there's a great feeling of freedom. >> reporter: she may be a former first lady but laura bush is still as busies as ever writing her memoir. >> take years ago -- >> reporter: giving speeches and agenting as chairman of the twlas performing arts center. where we sat down to talk about life these days. >> that first morning that you woke up in texas and president obama wasn't president anymore, what did he say some. >> reporter: well, i remember the first might that we arrived at the ranch, we could tell things were different when george was out in the garage putting away everything that came off the car, you know. we no longer had the people that were helping do do that. next morning making our own coffee and all the things we hadn't done but it's terrific. >> reporter: in addition to this knew state new start of the art performance center, mrs. bush continues to be involved in a earth vaf causes. you're still very passionate about education and women's health. do you find that it's more difficult now to promote those as a former first lady?
8:36 am
>> well, certainly the formers don't have quite the podium that the first lady does but i still have a podium. i was the honorary chairman of the komen race for the cure that was here in dallas. >> reporter: how do you think mrs. obama is using her podium as first lady? >> i think very well. i noticed she was hula hooping. i saw that on television. and i think she's got some some really between messages that she can get out to young people and to women everywhere. and i know she will learn if she doesn't already know of what a really big podium she has. >> reporter: when they aren't working or planning the george w. bush presidential library, mrs. bush says the former first couple is trying to enjoy life as ordinary citizens. have you noticed a change in president bush since he left the white house? >> i think we're both a lot more relaxed. >> reporter: do you and president bush watch the news together? >> we watch some news. we do a little bit. we talk about the news now. we both have blackberries. maybe people would be surprised
8:37 am
with that. >> reporter: did you ever watch the stories about the economy or the wars and say -- >> sure, of course. >> reporter: does he ever say i'm so glad that's not my problem anymore? >> i never have heard him say that. >> reporter: do you think that he feels that way, relieved the pressure is off? >> that's great relief believe me, when you leach the white house after searching there for eight years. >> reporter: the current administration dismisses and says a lot of things about your husband's administration that are negative. >> it took many years and many failures to lead us here and it will take many months and many different solutions to lead us out. >> reporter: why doesn't mr. bush say anything in response? sgle just thinks that that isn't his role that he doesn't want to second guess the president. >> what i reject is when some folks say we should go back to the past policies when it was those very same policies that got fuss to this mess in the first place. >> andky tell you, i don't like that very much. >> reporter: you don't like what 24. >> that he would say that about, you know blame everything on george. but i think that really, the president of the united states
8:38 am
needs to remember the duty that he has and the obligation he has to the -- the respond he has to the office. >> reporter: which is? >> well, which is of course to treat it with respect and with dignity. >> reporter: do you think that when you say negative things about a former president that it's not dignified in. >> well, i think that's probably not a really great thing to do especially this is coming from the wife of the former president. so surely you understand maggie. >> reporter: dick cheney has been very company cal about his on that position to the new policies in washington. do you think it's in his right to speak snup. >> absolutely. of course. this is a free country. and i think it's important for people to express what they think. >> reporter: what would you like your life to be like in ten years? >> well, i hope that we'll have the bush library and institute built and that we'll both be very involved with all the issues and programs that will come out of the bush institute. and i think it will be really fun. i'm looking forward to it. i'm looking forward a partnership with women in afghanistan and women across the
8:39 am
middle east. >> reporter: sounds like you have no plans of slowing down. >> i don't think i'll slow down too much but maybe i will. >> a moibly happy and relishing her new life laura bush. we thank her for her time. now let's go over to you, harry. thanks very much. from fashion to makeup to food shopping, women have great purchasing power, but apparently they often do not tell the truth. that's why mary lou quinlan wrote the provocatively titled new book what she's not telling you, what why hide the truth and what marketers can do about it. so what do women lie about? >> anything with a number in it. their age, their weight, how many drinks they had. >> so as long as there's a number some it chances are it's not going to be the complete truth. >> well, actually, they don't lie, they tell half truths. >> half truths. all right. who is this book for? >> this book is really for marketers and retalters, because
8:40 am
women buy 85% of whether's sold. so it matters what they think. >> and this half truth principle, what's the important take away here? >> the big difference is that the half truth is what a woman says. a whole truth is what she actually does or believes or buys. >> and so often when we're requiring and asking questions about all kinds of things even questions we might ask on the show, what we're really getting instead of the whole truth is a half truth. >> i'd like to position i'm giving you the whole truth, but it is that -- that refwleks answer, what you're whethering to admit. >> so you've created an acronym that has five parts to it that help really explain this, and the acronym is g.a.m.e.s. and the first one is good intentions. >> right. good intentions. women are hopeful and optimistic and they like to present themselves as want to go do the right thing. i want to be healthy, i want to exercise who are. we say all that suv. >> approval seeking would be the a. >> i want to be liked, i want to fit in i'd like it give you an answer so you'll like me.
8:41 am
>> mar troe dm? >> that's a touch which i one. it's how women will talk about how busy they are, awful busy. >> i'm suffering in my life. >> please be sorry for me. ego roeks. >> that he another cover story that i want to keep on believing. the more i say it the more i believe it and might be maybe you will, too. >> this is really unvarnished and potentially very controversial stuff. secret keeping. >> secret keeping are really what she's hiding from you and what she doesn't want you for know, so this is a little bit of tough love but it's true. >> let's talk about a product or a company people would be familiar with that didn't take this into account. >> let's take dove. dove has had a campaign for real beauty and it's all about women loving the way they are and they probably heard women say a half truth, it's what's inside that counts. hate those air brush models. the whole truth is if we buy product, he want to look better. so dove hasn't done that well. >> because did not it go up for a while and then -- >> of course they spent billions trying to get this idea out there. and women loved it and it's a great idea and it does make
8:42 am
people feel good, but the truth is sf we're paying money for beauty product, we want to look better. if we want to look the same, why are bother. >> so what's a company that took the half truth and exploited it? >> procter & gamble with olay. women had spend the money if they think the results will come. >> if you're a marketer and you're out there sort of -- if you can accumulate this sort of get a handle on this what's the most important thing marketers should keep in mind when they are trying to market to women? >> i think they better listen better. because women can give these half truths so easily. it's such a short cut. that a marketer wants to hear what he or she wants to hear and they'll make a big mistake and find their sales can be sab tamged. >> so interesting p the book is beautifully had out. that's not a half truth. and it really is really interesting stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you.
8:43 am
>> to right an excerpt, go to our website, it's the whole truth, making dwi. thank you, harry. we begin a knew series called search for the perfect with vice on improving your face. here to help is dr. he will help marmur, the chief of dermatology at mount sinai hospital. also author of simple skin beauty. i know that you have a monday take, three things that you swear by. what are they in. >> i try to keep my patients how to have a lifetime of healthy fwornlg yus skin and it's not that hard and you can do it for less than 50 cents deal. protect, enharngsznce and trouble shoot. your main function of your skin is not to breathe, it's to protect your body from losing water and to protect you from sun damage. so had is what all the molgsds
8:44 am
are obsessed wrks it's protecting their skin. >> how do you do that in. >> moistureize, your body your face. keep reapplying it. if you need to do it five times a day, that's great. >> what do you mean by enhance in. >> enhancement is where the new technology is and it's super fantastic. we've got these great serums now and what they do is they just flatten down the dry skin so you have a nice complexion, they have illuminate tors that make you glow. and the other thing you can do for ens hansment is exfoliate your skin. it gets rid of dead skin they moisturize and they help you take off your makeup at the end of the day so you don't need to use harsh soaps. trouble shooting is where you need to be smart about your skin. many people get confused about their skin issues and they overpurchase things. if you have acne one of my favorite things is a
8:45 am
multitasker. you do need a prescription. and these pore improving strips are fantastic. we don't have open pores on our nose, but these strips remove dead skin and make it look smaller and tighter so again your makeup goes on beautifully. >> when we cease celebrities on the red carpet we know they've done a little bit more than just use products. now i hear lasers are fantastic. >> chemical peels are unpredictable. lasers work specifically they target one thing in the skin and they improve it and they're a great way to invest your money. >> you've been working on her with a laser. what is it doing for her? >> this is fractional resurfacing. i'll turn on a little cooling mechanism and fractional laser resurfacing is a way to totally resurface the skin without having that red raw skin. >> she has a numbing gel so she
8:46 am
doesn't feel anything. >> i'll activate the laser. >> how many treatments will she need? >> you can treat in about four or five five treatment exception, you can street blounrown spots, incredible for acne spots, and you can also treat the neck and chest and hands. >> thank you, doctor. our second half of the segment is if you're in the process of improving your skin you can factory it in the mean time. cynde watson is here with the skinny on faking the perfect skin. good morning. >> good morning. >> these are two ladies that you'd never know from looking at them now but they had problem skin. how did you fix it? >> crystal had hyper pig then tags. you want to start with a shear covering foundation very
8:47 am
shear, and then use a director. and it's very important a correct to have, and i'm not sure if you know what it ises but it's like a concealer but it's more of a peach/pink tone and it camouflages those dark areas and neutralizes the skin. >> so let me see her before because i vice presidenthaven't seen the picture. look at the difference. >> little dark marks on her forehead and chin and now she has a beautiful glow. >> so you used the correcter. >> you want to put the concealer over the top so it looks natural. >> this is kathy, right? >> and kathy, what her issue was is that she had red around the skin and she got a lot of freckling. >> let's see the before. >> you see right around her cheek area. very common that they get this
8:48 am
redness. so what we did with her is we did the same thing at first and then we finished her with a translucent powder and finishing spray. it keeps the temperature 6of your makeup really cool. it seals the makeup in. almost like a shrink wrap for your skin. >> and translucent powder? >> because it won't schaenk thechange the color of your makeup. >> we'll put all these products and tips on our website. just search for the search for perfect skin on cbs tomorrow how to get the perfect smile. but up next, a new way to reallybu
8:49 am
8:50 am
exercise is important but sometimes you have to light a fire to get people motivated.
8:51 am
and that is exactly what is happening in southern california. cbs news correspondent sandra hughes explains. >> they have hot meals, but this isn't a luau it's fire dancing aerobics. blending polly sneezian dance with martial art, these three siblings have made it a business and it's growing. students first begin learning to spin in a studio with tools called stack and a good old hula hoop. six weeks later it moves to the sapd. >> when you first hear about it it sounds a little dangerous. >> fire safety is our main concern and our glasses, we don't get very many accidents at all. i would like to say none but there are those occasional
8:52 am
burns. >> it's estimate there had are several thousand enthusiasts? southern california. >> it allows you to be in the moment. there's month texting no cell phones. >> the workout tones your core and upper body. >> are you feeling that in your shoulders yet? >> reporter: it's not as easy as it looks. >> when you start, you'll be lots of like ouch ouch. because you're like -- >> reporter: is it a good workout? >> it is. my arms were definitely burning. >> reporter: after 12 classes, students light up. highly flammable liquid. these are the things i tell my children never to do. the flames are both terrifying and exhilarating. and the unexpected the war of the flames. oh my gosh that noise. that is incredible. this is about the coolest thing i've ever done. >> something i think we really need to do is just escape, step outside of our lives and play.
8:53 am
>> i liked the sense all movement, it was very smooth. when youed a the fire element into it, it's kind of sexy. >> reporter: and with these folkslaying with fire will bring on the burn. sandra hughes, krkscbs news, los angeles. >> sandra hikedliked it. >> a lot of people change their routines to reinvigorate their workout. have you done anything really crazy? >> no but i've done a million classes. kick boxing, you name it, i've done it. >> they don't have that at the sports club down the street. >> i don't think so. >> have you guys done neglectanything weird?
8:54 am
8:55 am
hello again. it's now five minutes before 9:00 and it apings -- appears to be a lovely day, especially for mid november. marty's over at first warning weather. the temperature is in the mid to upper 50s, looking for a
8:56 am
high of 62. it's going to be a pleasant afternoon. not as nice as yesterday afternoon but still quite a nice day. tonight 38 degrees, colder than last night by 11, 12 degrees. tomorrow, 5 the -- 59 is going to be the high. don? a mount vernon nightclub could be shut down by the end of the day. wjz stays on the story. >> reporter: don, if the sweet ultra lounge stays open, three violent crimes have been linked to the club in the basement of the belvidere hotel. if found to be a public nuisance the commissioner can padlock it for up to a year until he's confident the problems are fixed. the club's lawyers have not responded to previous requests for comments. back to you. mayor sheila dixon's trial starts today. prosecutors started calling witnesses the end of last week
8:57 am
and more testimony is expected. dixon's former boyfriend, ron lipscom will likely take a plea. the mayor is accused of using gift cards prosecutors say were meant by the needy. the mayor has ordered city flags to fly at half staff after a local soldier was killed in afghanistan. christopher kaughlin coached lacrosse at boy's latin. he worked for the army as an army intelligence working on explosives. a shooting on lemmon street this weekend. 34-year-old anthony swan died from his injuries, his mother also wounded. she was bringing him groceries because he uses a wheelchair. teen-agers in baltimore county may soon be band from using indoor tanning equipment. the city council will consider
8:58 am
a bill prohibiting people under of age of 18 from tanning unless they have a prescription from their doctor. it will be the first in the nation to pass a ban. the ravens must win against cleveland tonight in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. our live coverage begins tonight on wjz 13. stay with maryland's news station. the news is at noon. updates all day long at any time from anywhere at and it appears to be one of those days if you can get yourself some "me" time you ought to spend at least a couple of minutes ou
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